What clients say about us is far more powerful than what we can say about ourselves!

PR & Marketing

Cross-cultural specialist

“Kiyoshi is a seasoned travel and hotel marketing specialist who understand the Australian psyche from a unique Japanese perspective. With such insight Kiyoshi is able to effectively translate and influence the Australian market through targeted strategy and PR and promotions. I highly recommend him in gaining worthwhile media exposure for any Japanese product desiring greater awareness within Australia”

RICHARD ROSEBERY, Managing Director, TPM Branding, NSW
(April 2005 – Present)

Hotels & Resorts

Confident and trustworthy professional

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kiyoshi since 2017 when I began in my role at Pullman Cairns International. Kiyoshi has been supporting the hotel sales team in managing the Japanese market for over 20 years and is extremely well known and well regarded by the key decision makers in Osaka and Tokyo. Kiyoshi is an absolute wealth of knowledge on the travel and aviation sectors and I feel grateful for the opportunity to be learning from him. I have had the privilege of travelling with Kiyoshi to Japan for client meetings and his expertise in navigating us between appointments and to fantastic dining experiences is absolutely first class”

MONIQUE HARMER, CLUSTER General Manager, Accor Hotels, QLD
(September 2017 – Present)

Cost-effective solutions

“K-Marketing has been an invaluable asset to our business. If you are serious about creating and growing your Japanese market share then K-Marketing will assist you tremendously. K-Marketing gets involved in business planning, setting rate strategy along with ensuring the key contacts are met and communicated with on a regular basis. Experience within the Japanese market is very important and K-Marketing has very good reputation with all the inbound operators. I have also found K-Marketing to be a very cost effective way of maximizing your exposure to the Japanese market.”

TONY MARRINAN, Regional General Manager, Mirvac Hotels & Resorts, QLD
(September 2005 – October 2008)

A wealth of contacts

“Gold Coast International Hotel has been associated with Kiyoshi Matsumoto for 10 years. Kiyoshi has professionally represented the GCI Hotel in the Japanese market both on a local level and through regular planned sales missions to Japan. We have found that Kiyoshi’s wealth of experience, expertise and contacts is across all levels of management within our wholesale partners. Kiyoshi has developed strong relationships built on understanding the needs of our Japanese clients. He provides the GCI Hotel with the market intelligence required to make informed decisions, and we believe his forecasting and strategic planning initiatives are instrumental for our continued success in the Japanese market.”

JOHN MCFADDEN, Director of Sales & Marketing, Gold Coat International Hotel
(May 2006 – September 2010)


“K-Marketing was appointed in late 2007 to provide Paradise Resort Gold Coast with sales and marketing expertise for the Japanese market. Kiyoshi utilises a wealth of experience with a strong analytical insight to provide us with accurate and up to date market analysis and assessment. He is a result driven professional, with an admirable ability to identify changing market conditions and forecast trends within this specific inbound sector. Kiyoshi has been instrumental in ensuring our product is able to match market needs thus achieving ongoing success.”

PHIL HALLER, General Manager, Paradise Resort Gold Coast
(October 2007 – February 2011)

Strong relationship development

“During the period July 2005 to June 2007 The Oasis Resort Cairns operated under the management of the Sunland Group. At that time K-Marketing was appointed as the sales representative for the Resort’s Japanese market. Under the guidance of K-Marketing the Japanese market continued to grow and prosper. This was due to the strong relationships established by Kiyoshi and his continued presence in both the Australian inbound market and his periodic sales activity in Japan. A good reporting structure was established, with the steady flow of accurate market intelligence ensured that effective changes were made at appropriate times. I would recommend the services of K-Marketing for an independent hotel/resort or for a small hotel/resort group who wish to either establish themselves in the Japanese market or maintain and grow existing Japanese relationships.”

STEPHEN OLLE, General Manager, The Oasis Resort Cairns
(July 2005 – June 2007)


A consummate professional

“I have had the pressure of working with Kiyoshi Matsumoto for 4 years. His primary responsibility is to ensure that Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is promoted to and brochured with the major Japanese wholesalers and inbound companies. In addition to this, Kiyoshi prepares an annual business plan for this market, liaises closely with the key decision makers, and conducts domestic and international sales calls on our behalf. He is well-respected and well known within the Japanese market, both here in Australia and in Japan. It is a pleasure working with such a consummate professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to an organization wishing to expand their business in the Japanese market.”

DAVID LUXTON, General Manager – Sales, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
(May 2006 – September 2010)

Wholesaler & Inbound Tour Operator

Dedicated in the role of sales

“I have known Kiyoshi Matsumoto for more than 10 years. During this time he has worked as the Sales & Marketing Manager at InterContinental Sydney, the Director of Sales at Daikyo Hotels, Resorts & Cruises and now as the Principle Marketing Consultant for his company K-Marketing. We at Jalpak are very happy to be associated with the products he represents. I have certainly found Kiyoshi Matsumoto to be dedicated in his role of promoting and marketing Australian products to many levels and segments of the Japanese market. I believe that he does a marvelous job facilitating the important link between Australian suppliers and Japanese buyers. I have no hesitation in recommending K-Marketing to any hotel or tourism products that is looking for growth in the Japanese market.”

KOZO YONEDA, CEO and President, Jalpak International Oceania
(March 2003 – December 2009)