kiyoshi matsumoto

Kiyoshi Matsumoto lives in Sydney and spans both the cultures of Australia and Japan. He has specialised in cross-cultural communications and marketing for over 30 years.

With over 30 years working in the Australian hospitality and travel industries, Kiyoshi bridges the two worlds of Australian and Japanese business. He is the principle consultant at K-Marketing with a proven track record of assisting Australian luxury hotel brands to build strong revenue across both trade and consumer travel segments in Japan.

In addition, he represents Japanese products in Australia. K-Marketing’s current and past clients include well-known brands such as ACCOR, Baillie Lodges, QT Hotels & Resorts, Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Mirvac Hotels & Resorts, World Masters Games 2021 Kansai, Shiga Kogen Mountain Resort, Go Central Japan and Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization to name a few.

For the majority of his working life, he has escorted Australian business people, both in groups and individually to Japan. He has learnt much patience and gained a deep insight into Japan as an authentic cultural destination from both Japanese and western perspectives. Kiyoshi has spent the past three years researching his Japanese culture. In 2021, this has culminated in the production of a new book entitled Japan Unmasked. Although he is a proud Aussie, his heart will always be Japanese.

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