A flexible outsourcing option that swiftly connects you to all key players

Take advantage of Kiyoshi Matsumoto’s extensive contact base built up over 30 years both within Australia and Japan.

Whether inbound or outbound, wholesale or retail, Kiyoshi knows all the key players – a familiar and friendly Japanese face with an Aussie accent within the industry.

Kiyoshi can instantly pick up the phone and gain the ear of your desired contact whether in Australia or Japan. He knows what sells, and maintains an up-to-date understanding of Japanese and Australian distribution channels and consumer trends. He naturally knows how to do business in Japan and with his Japanese countrymen, and is just as much at home in Australia working with Australians as well as the large Chinese-speaking community living in Australia.

K-Marketing undertakes a whole range of sales and marketing services designed to promote Australian product to the Japanese and Japanese product to Australians. K-Marketing is a cost-effective option whereby your company gains the experience, knowledge and contacts of years, yet only pays for actual assignment time.

We offer several flexible service options, depending upon the task at hand, and will tailor-make a suitable plan and quotation to meet your objectives for success.