Have Kiyoshi become your key Japanese salesman.

On the ground

Market knowledge, industry experience and enthusiasm combine to make Kiyoshi Matsomoto the ideal choice to represent you in Australia or Japan.

With a scheduled series of annual sales trips coinciding with the Japanese and Australian buying cycles and major trade shows, K-Marketing is a cost-effective sales solution.

Within Australia, inbound and outbound operators and wholesalers are part of an on-going call pattern by K-Marketing. All calls are followed up with strategic sales communication in pursuit of long-term relationship development.

In addition, Kiyoshi can plan a tailored Japan or Australia sales itinerary for you and accompany you on all key appointments if required – smoothing the way, offering all-important formal introductions and assisting with sales follow-up.

Online sales and promotion

K-Marketing is abreast of all the latest developments of tourism online. We know how to enhance your business by ensuring that your online marketing is targeted, meaningful and cost-effective. Whether development of a full Japanese or English language website, blogs or booking engine, K-Marketing offers cutting edge advice on the how, what, where and why of online tourism marketing. Knowing how to use social media effectively in the two very different markets of Japan and Australia is a K-Marketing strength.

Educationals for Agents & Media

Not only do we know the right media and agents in both Australia and Japan, we have solid relationships with the major airline carriers to ensure that famils actually happen! K-Marketing has year’s of experience putting together effective familiarization programmes for both agents and media. Our services involve full planning, liaison and implementation, including timely follow-up.

Collateral Development

To be effective in the Japanese market your sales collateral needs to be creatively rewritten and not just translated. K-Marketing understands the nuances of both Japanese and English and will produce a high quality rewrite of your key sales and marketing collateral – your sales brochures, tariffs, websites plus press kits and press releases. We understand what works for either the Japanese or Australian psyches.