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K-Marketing has maintained an impressive list of clients for over 18 years, and now we also represent some of Japan’s leading tourism operators and destinations within Australia.


Hotels & Resorts

Gaining high-end Japanese


Since the COVID-19 shutdown of inbound tourism to Australia it is now prudent to prepare new marketing initiatives and attract new markets ready for inbound market re-opening. Given the inability to initiate traditional sales representation before markets reopen, new forms of online promotion are recommended. Although traditional sales representation is sill effective given the conservatism of Japanese wholesalers and of other Japanese mainstream travel distributors, for upmarket product such as Baille Lodges gaining the attention of exclusive travel retailers is also paramount. (November 2020 – Present)

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Serving since 1999


Kiyoshi has been associated with Pullman Cairns International since 1999, one of his longest serving clients. He first started to promote the hotel when under the management of Daikyo, then Mirvac in 2005 and now Accor. In partnership with K-Marketing, the hotel has always enjoyed the Japanese patronage and become one of the most iconic hotels in Cairns for the Japanese market. The hotel has maintained the strategic partnership with K-Marketing as Japan remains Cairns’s vital inbound market. (August 1999 – Present)

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Creating points of difference


To maximize revenue Novotel Surfers Paradise wished to attract the more lucrative market of Japanese wholesale FITs and incentive groups. K-Marketing instigated to build self-BBQ facilities nearby its outdoor recreation area and then effectively promoted these to key buyers in Japan. The hotel has been steadily increasing the targeted segments. (June 2018 – September 2020)

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Marketing to Japan online


Traditionally used for mass Japanese tourism, Gold Coast International was sold through traditional distribution networks. Upon having re-branded the hotel with a multimillion refurbishment in early 2011, QT Gold Coast needed to re-position and re-invent itself to compete effectively with the plethora of Gold Coast hotels and apartments. The two key strategies adopted by K-Marketing have been to increase yield and to attract more FIT travellers direct. Kiyoshi selectively targeted and secured the lucrative wedding and honeymoon market. (August 1999 – March 2019)

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Promoting unique luxury



With the opening of QT Sydney, QT’s owners, Event Hospitality & Entertainment, believe its boutique luxury accommodation is ideal for the luxury Japanese travel market. There are now nine hotels and plans for expansion across the region. Japanese travellers have become increasingly independent in their choice and style of accommodation as its market matures, and QT Hotels & Resorts now answers this need of discernment. K-Marketing implemented its Japanese market business plan for QT Hotels & Resorts, which included in-market sales, PR and advertising. (November 2012 – March 2019)

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The logical choice


With 9 hotels and resorts within Far North Queensland the Japanese market is a vital source of business for Accor hotels. Two Pullman properties plus Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort have traditionally captured the Japanese market, and K-Marketing has now been retained to ensure that these markets continue to flow through Accor doors. K-Marketing has an existing and strong relationships with Pullman Cairns International and ex-Mirvac Hotels within this region, and thus K-Marketing is Accor’s logical choice. (February 2013 – January 2015)

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China plus Japan



Pan Pacific Hotels Group has identified that both the Japanese and Chinese markets as growth opportunities for occupancy. With this in mind, K-Marketing has been contracted to develop both markets for Pan Pacific’s four Australian hotels. With the huge and recent Parkroyal Darling Harbour Sydney refurbishment, Pan Pacific are seeking Japanese and Chinese luxury travellers to fill their beds. Perth is now seeking substantial China business, whilst Melbourne Airport and Parramatta see markets as top-up. (August 2012 – July 2014)

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Competing with the ‘Big Boys’



Unknown in Japan, hotels and resorts under The Sebel, Sea Temple, Quay West and Citigate brands needed to gain patronage from the conservative Japanese buyer – wholesalers and retailers alike – who felt more comfortable dealing with the big international brands. K-Marketing offered the ability to target both mainstream and niche buyers and offer them a selection of the product that met their specific requirements. Gaining product loyalty or repeat business was one of K-Marketing’s key strategies. Through Kiyoshi’s contacts and relationships, their Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney hotels now attract annually prestigious Japanese incentive group programs plus a number of Japanese student groups.
(September 2005 – January 2013)

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Changing the market base



To maximize revenue Paradise Resort Gold Coast wished to attract the more lucrative market of Japanese student groups. Traditionally the property had relied upon families but with increased competition from Gold Coast accommodation, attractions and restaurants families were now spending less in-house. Student groups presented a great opportunity to increase overall guest revenue through full and half board programs. K-Marketing created Japanese sales collateral and then effectively promoted these to key student group buyers in Japan. During the 4 years K-Marketing represented Paradise Resort Gold Coast, the Resort increased its Japanese market share from 13 to 18% within its highly competitive set of 6 hotels. (October 2007 – September 2011)

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Undertaking effective on-going Japanese sales



With new owners the resort saw a change from its Novotel branding to that of an independent hotel. K-Marketing was selected to maintain and increase its Japanese business up until this ownership again changed. During the two years of independence the Oasis Resort Cairns increased its Japanese occupancy by 25%, and increased its market share from 13 to 16% within the competitive set of 5 hotels. (July 2005 – June 2007)

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Pinpointing the right market



In its first year as the Japanese representative K-Marketing grew the Vibe Hotel Gold Coast’s Japanese market by a staggering 50%. Through detailed analysis of the Gold Coast Japanese market K-Marketing pinpointed specific wholesale groups to target, and then went about effective direct sales to each. With a precise knowledge of Gold Coast pricing Kiyoshi Matsumoto was able to redirect business to the Vibe Hotel. (March 2004 – September 2007)

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Creating successful Japanese services



With a non-central location in Cairns, this 4.5 star hotel needed to lift its game. New CBD-centric transportation and increased quality of Japanese services was created to maintain and attract more Japanese guests. K-Marketing undertook extensive staff training to both instill cultural awareness and tailor specific Japanese services within the Hotel. With these product innovations Kiyoshi Matsumoto then undertook successful sales development with key wholesalers in Japan. He successfully increased Maton Resort Cairs’ Japanese market share from 15 to 23% within a competitive set of 5 hotels for the financial year 2004/05. (August 1999 – June 2005)

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Creatively packaging for the Japanese market



Historic Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary had been through several incarnations, and was floundering as a desired destination for international travellers. The business had solely concentrated on the Australian domestic market. Over a five-year period K-Marketing gained insignificant business, increasing from 7,700 Japanese per annum to over 44,000 Japanese a year. K-Marketing’s formula was to create a series of specifically tailored Japanese packages. These were developed through alliances with other leading and complimentary nearby attractions. Kiyoshi Matsumoto then successfully sold these packages in Japan. (October 2006 – January 2011)

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Thinking outside the square



Increased competition and resultant price-cutting had deteriorated Balloons Aloft international, and specifically Japanese business. The challenge for K-Marketing with this short-term contract was to think outside the square. The solution was to develop a creative value-added product experience that attracted Japanese consumers without price discounting. K-Marketing introduced a new “Departure Day Express” service that was a first in this destination. It was designed for Japanese travellers who wished to maximize their Gold Coast experience within a very short time on the Gold Coast – a package combination of shortened ballooning experience and direct airport transfers. This created a new market opportunity and gave K-Marketing a new product to talk about in Japan. (December 2008 – August 2009)

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Island Resorts & Day Cruises

Tried & proven



Whitsunday Apartments is a newly independent, mid-range accommodation choice on Hamilton Island. As a past client of K-Marketing the management of Whitsunday Apartments approached K-marketing for Asian sales and marketing clout. K-Marketing is embarking on a full sales and marketing programme for the property in both Japan and Mainland China. (March 2013 – March 2021)

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Inbound Travel & Tourism to Japan

First World Masters Games in Asia


The World Masters Games rescheduled for Kansai for May 2022 is creating much excitement amongst international athletes. This is the first time a Masters Games has been held in Asia and attracting significant participation from both Japan and other regional countries.

K-Marketing is Japan tourism consultancy based in Sydney and has recently been appointed as PR consultant to promote the World Masters Games Kansai in Australian and New Zealand Market. (September 2020 – March 2021)

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The largest skiing region in Japan


If you are looking for the ultimate skiing holidays in 2021/2022, Shiga Kogen is the must visit. Here there’s a choice of 18 skiing areas that offers your clients huge variety. In addition, Shiga Kogen is the closest winter resort to the world-famous snow monkeys and boasts some of the best onsens nearby. Your clients are guaranteed lots of fun and a true Japanese cultural experience.

K-Marketing is Japan tourism consultancy based in Sydney and has recently been appointed as local sales and marketing representative in Australia to promote Shiga Kogen Ski Resort. (September 2020 – March 2021)

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Effective PR Consulting


With Rugby World Cup in 2019 and Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020, the Central Japan region’s development in tourism infrastructure is underway, including a massive anime theme park, the introduction of new global hotel brands, extensive convention and exhibition facilities and the world’s fastest transportation system.

K-Marketing is Japan tourism consultancy based in Sydney and has recently been appointed as PR consultant to market CENTRAL JAPAN region in Australian market. (July 2019 – March 2020)

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Japan’s Best-Kept Secret


Eleven Ski Resorts in Tohoku are jointly promoting the region by offering Australian snow travellers the resort ticket coupons at $185 that can be used at any of the following participating resorts in exchange for lift or other services.

This is the first instance that these snow resorts in Tohoku have got their act together to promote the ski resorts in the regions. By doing so we are aiming to establish our brand as alternative snow destinations in Japan.

K-Marketing is Japan tourism consultancy based in Sydney and has recently been appointed as marketing consultant to promote TOHOKU region of Japan in Australian market. (November 2018 – March 2020)

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Effective media famil programme


The visit Japan campaign was launched to “Early Achievement of the goal of 20 million overseas visitors to Japan by 2020” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Japan Tourism Agency.

In conjunction with the movement of Visit Japan Campaign, Hokuriku-Shin’etsu District Transport bureau would enforce the Hokuriku visit campaign in collaboration with the local authority and tourism associations for overseas visitors who visit Hokuriku areas. Especially the inauguration of new Hokuriku Shinkansen (linking Kanazawa and Nagano) in March 2015, is expected to increase foreign visitors to Hokuriku district.

Designated priority regions are U.K., Germany, France, U.S.A and Australia focusing on FIT (Foreign Individual Tourists) market. The activities are aimed to appeal Japan’s sightseeing tourism and fascinating travel products. Requested by TOBU TOPTOURS CO., LTD, the designated travel Agency by Hokuriku Shin’etsu District Transport bureau for the program of 2015 Hokuriku Visit Japan Campaign, K-Marketing successfully recruited 4 Australian medias to join the famil programmes.

K-Marketing has year’s of experience putting together effective familiarization programmes for both agents and media. Our services involved full planning, liaison and implementation, including timely follow-up.(October – December 2015)

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